United States: America observes Indigenous Peoples Day, concurrent with Columbus celebration

the essential This Monday 11 October marked the first federal observation of Indigenous Peoples Day in the United States. Joe Biden is the first US President to recognize this holiday.

This Monday 11 October, the federal holiday which celebrated the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America, the “Columbus days”, was also dedicated to indigenous peoples , the “Indigenous People’s Day”. This is a great first in the United States. This Joe Biden decision was hailed by Native Americans, but criticized by conservatives, who see it as an example of “woke” and “cancel culture”.

By recognizing the two holidays, Joe Biden’s proclamation leaves states and municipalities free to observe either. Alaska or Oregon, among a dozen states, for example preferred the Natives to Christopher Columbus, while a dozen other states celebrated both.

“The Navajo Nation has long been opposed to Columbus Day which celebrates colonialism, oppression and injustice inflicted on indigenous peoples. Christopher Columbus is credited by some for ‘discovering’ America, but these lands were inhabited by many peoples with advanced cultures. For generations, indigenous communities have fought to survive in the face of colonization, assimilation, disease and genocide, “said representatives of the semi-autonomous Amerindian territory. , reports 20 minutes.

“No one can rewrite history”

A debate on American history has spread over the continent for some time. Last year, the statues of Christopher Columbus were notably removed from Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. In Baltimore, it was the demonstrators who initiated its withdrawal. For Donald Trump, it was an “attempt to erase our history”, since Christopher Columbus was for the former president the “discoverer of America”.

“Today is Columbus day, no one will be able to rewrite history” assured Marsha Blackburn, the senator from Tennessee. “I refuse to give in to the woke pack of cancel culture,” said Lou Barletta, a Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania.

The anti-Western propaganda of Howard Zinn served as the basis for the destruction of Columbus as a national hero. Instead, pick up a copy of this far more well-rounded book, and celebrate Columbus for his achievements #ColumbusDay https://t.co/PSTNXBCzEb

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) October 11, 2021

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