United States: a bear films himself with an abandoned camera

the essential During an organized hunting party in Wyoming, Dylan Shilt finds a GoPro. Once the camera is recharged, he discovers the videos of a bear, who managed to turn it on alone and filmed himself with it.

In mid-September, Dylan Shilt was on a hunting trip, organized in Laramie, Wyoming, when he came across a GoPro. The camera would have been lost a few months earlier during a snowmobile ride, reports the Daily Mail taken over by L’Ind├ępendant.

Once recharged, the GoPro reveals videos of a bear, which was filmed with it. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. A big black bear found it (the camera) and not only managed to turn it on, but also recorded himself playing with” the hunter echoes on his profile. Facebook.

Quickly, Dylan Shilt shared the document on social networks. “This is the craziest thing I have ever found,” he continues. The bear kicks at it, tries to eat the camera, and the claw.

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