UK: repeatedly stabbed MP David Amess dead

the gist British Conservative MP David Amess was stabbed to death on Friday during a parliamentary office he held at a church in his constituency in Leigh-on-Sea, east London, according to police and local media.

According to local media, the 69-year-old elected official, a member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative party and ardent Brexiter, was repeatedly stabbed in the Methodist church in which he received his constituents.

Local police did not name the victim, but announced in the early afternoon that the man was dead. “He was treated by the emergency services, but unfortunately died on the spot,” she said, adding that a man of 25 was been arrested on suspicion of murder.

A knife was found at the scene, police added. She stressed that she was not looking for “anyone else” after the arrest.

The facts took place shortly after noon, specified the police, at an address corresponding to the Methodist church where the elected official had announced that he would hold his parliamentary office, which allows citizens to meet their deputy.

Contacted by AFP, Paul Gardiner, a 41 year-old barber whose salon is located at 250 meters from the church, said he saw a large police device and an ambulance on the spot, as well as helicopters.

“I was driving to my job, I parked around 12 h 30 and there was a lot of police, I saw an officer with a weapon “.

“All we know is that David was stabbed several times,” local newspaper the Southend Echo John Lamb, a local politician, told local newspaper.

“He’s still in the church and they won’t let us in to see him. It looks very serious,” he added.

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