Two Russian, US warships grapple with Sea of ​​Japan incident, Russia steps up

the essential Russia has accused an American warship of having come dangerously close to its territorial waters. The United States for its part strongly refuted the Russian accusations, justifying “routine operations”.

Two Russian and American warships grazed the incident in the Sea of ​​Japan this Friday 15 October, when Russia accused the US Navy of approaching too close to its territorial waters.

At around 17, the American destroyer USS Chafee, which had been operating in the Sea of ​​Japan for several days, “approached the territorial waters of the Russian Federation and attempted to cross the border, “the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“The anti-submarine ship Admiral Tribouts, which was in the area, issued a warning to the foreign ship regarding these inadmissible acts,” added the statement from Moscow. “The USS Chafee, convinced of the determination of the Russian crew to prevent a violation of national borders, turned around at 17 h 50, while he was less than 60 meters “from Admiral Tribouts, assures the Russian Defense Ministry.

US denies Russian accusations

The USS Chafee “was performing routine operations in the international waters of the Sea of ​​Japan,” said the US Navy, calling the interaction between the two ships “safe and professional.” The Russian Navy had also informed the American warship that it was in an area closed to navigation due to “artillery fire as part of the joint Russian-Chinese Joint Sea maneuvers 2021 “, which the executives of the world’s leading military fleet strongly denied.

The USS Chafee has “respected international laws and customs,” US officials added, stressing that the United States “will continue to fly, navigate and operate wherever international law permits.”

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