Twitch hacked: source code, passwords and salaries of many influencers revealed

the essential The online streaming platform Twitch is facing a very significant data leak. This hack was claimed by an anonymous user of the 4Chan forum who published, this Wednesday morning, a file of 135 Go for proof.

According to the claims of an anonymous user of the 4Chan forum, the online streaming platform Twitch has been hacked. It is based on a file that would contain the source code of the platform and its applications, the sums paid to the content creators, the tools used to improve the security of the site, as well as the data of projects under development. The hacker (s) claimed responsibility for this attack to “improve Twitch”, whose environment they consider “toxic”, according to the post on the forum which mentions the keyword “DoBetterTwitch”.

The entire file is currently being scanned.

Twitch has just had a major leak of a lot of stuff including their monthly payouts to streamers.

Here are some of the notables (note: this total is just their payout directly from twitch, so it doesn’t include donations, sponsors, merch, etc.)

– KnowSomething (@ KnowS0mething) October 6, 2021

A few well-known French steamers appear in the list. This is the case of Squeezie or Locklear and Zerator. The latter also reacted in a thread on social networks to confirm the veracity of this list and to explain the money earned thanks to Twitch – 1.4 million euros – which made the French Twitter react.

I rarely received so many mentions and messages because we know that money fascinates in France especially when it comes to a rather vague area than that of creators on the internet. Just look at the debate everyone had when Twitch changed their rules. THREAD:

— ZeratoR (@ZeratoR) October 6, 2021

The users could also be victims of hacking

Twitch user passwords could be part of this massive leak. The video platform, owned by Amazon, is used daily by a million French people. Users are advised to change their passwords now. Enabling two-step authentication is also recommended.

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