Turkey: drunk, he participates in research in the woods … for his own disappearance

the essential A drunk fifty-year-old took part in the research launched to find him. The Turk realized after a while that the person wanted was him.

In Turkey, while a 50 year-old man was enjoying a very drunken evening with his friends near the town of Inegöl, the latter decides to move away and go to the woods, drunk. The police, alerted by his friends, quickly launched a search team to find him when they suspect that he has lost his way in the woods according to RTBF.

The drunken Turk then takes part in the search to find him. It will be some time before the 50-year-old realizes that he was the person wanted.

“Here I am, who are we looking for?”

Indeed, after a while, the participants began to shout his name to try to find it. The man would then have launched “I am here, who are we looking for?” report our colleagues. Neither his friends, nor his neighbors who took part in the search had recognized him during the hunt …

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