TRUE OR FALSE. No, the Earth does not vibrate “at 150,000 hertz” as Guillaume Canet claims.

the essential Invited on France Inter, Guillaume Canet declared that the Earth was vibrating “more than 150 000 hertz “. An assertion that is actually pseudo-science.

Invited on France Inter Monday 18 October to present his new film “Him”, Guillaume Canet spoke of his relationship with nature. “We know that the Earth vibrates, and besides its vibration is exploding”, he launched, before continuing: “It vibrated at 6 000 hertz in 2011, and it was over 150 000 hertz end of December “. A false claim, which even falls within the realm of pseudo-science.

As geophysical researcher Kristel Chanard explains to Numerama, it is true that the Earth vibrates. “It is a solid which, when subjected to a shock, vibrates and emits a sound at certain frequencies,” she explains. Vibrations which come from natural causes, such as “earthquakes”, but also from human activities such as road traffic. “It is all of these vibrations that we call ‘seismic noise’, and that seismologists measure using seismometers”, specifies the researcher.

However, the frequency of this noise is between 0.1 and 100 Hz, the latter asserts, and is “essentially imperceptible to the human ear”.

So where do the values ​​given by Guillaume Canet come from? As revealed by the research carried out by LCI, they can be found on the site of Luc Bodin, an individual mentioned in 2013 in a report from Miviludes, the French organization for the fight against sectarian excesses. In one of his articles, the latter thus ensures that the “vibratory rate” of the Earth in the years 20 “was 6 500 Bovis units “, against” 160 UB “on 20 December 2021. However, as Numerama explains, the UBs, the “Bovis units”, do not exist. “In Wiktionary, unity is placed in the category of occultism”. Still according to Luc Bodin, this terrestrial vibratory level would allow the opening of a “portal” which would give access to a “fifth dimension” …

“We are entering a field that has nothing to do with science,” laments Jérôme Vergne, seismologist at the University of Strasbourg, with LCI, who denounces “pseudo-scientific rantings”.

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