“Tre Piani”: Nanni Moretti chronicles Italian society on all levels

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(AFP) – For forty years, his camera has woven an irresistible picture of society. Nanni Moretti first adapts another’s story and adds a new stone to the edifice with “Tre Piani” whose message resonates with the post-Covid world: “Life is not limited to your apartment. ! “.

The film, which left Cannes empty-handed in July, hits screens on Wednesday.

Once n t is not customary, with this major voice of the 7th European art who writes and always appears in the cast of his films, which he considers as “the chapters of a single long novel,” Tre Piani “is adapted from a literary work by the Israeli Eshkol Nevo.

Moretti has transposed this chronicle of the lives of neighboring families in the same three-story building to the Italian capital. The director embodies one of the roles principal, that of a magistrate whose son, drunk, causes a fatal accident below his home and who refuses to sacrifice his principles to avoid him the prison.

To the others floors, a father of family, who are afraid that their daughter has been assaulted, becomes obsessed with the search for the truth.

Another, whose first child has just been born, fails to assume his role and locks himself in work …

A keen observer of society, Moretti offers a chronicle oscillating between tragic and lighter, tackling questions as vast as parenthood , guilt or commitment – without however the force of a film like “La chambre du fils”, Palme d’Or en 2001.

“The male characters in the film are imprisoned in their roles within the family. There are knots they don’t want to untie (…) The female characters always want to untie knots, “Nanni Moretti commented to AFP at the Cannes film festival.

The film was shot before the pandemic and yet resonates with confinements, as the characters seem to suffocate in the isolation of the building: “often, people say that my films are prophetic”, s’ amuses Nanni Moretti: in “Tre Piani”, “we understand that we cannot lock ourselves in our own apartment, that we have to open up to the outside world”.

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