Towards an SPD Greens and Liberals coalition

the essential Discussions will begin this Thursday to form a new government.

Social Democrats, Greens and German Liberals will begin preliminary discussions on Thursday in an attempt to form an unprecedented coalition and without Angela Merkel’s conservatives, even if their leader still does not admit defeat.

Ten days after elections won by a short head by the Social Democrats of the SPD, backstage negotiations are accelerating in Germany, still marked by the months of paralysis of the last legislative elections in 2017 in because of interminable negotiations.

The ecologists, who came in third place in the 26 September poll, thus announced that they wanted to deepen the talks with only the SPD and FDP (liberal).

“Discussions in recent weeks have shown that the greatest intersections in terms of content are conceivable in this scheme (with the SPD and the FDP), especially in the area of ​​social policy”, underlined a co-chairman of the environmental party, Robert Habeck.

The liberals of the FDP have in the process seized the hand extended by the ecologists, although they have not hidden in recent weeks rather leaning towards an alliance with the conservatives.

The FDP thus proposed to the SPD and the Greens a meeting on Thursday to start preliminary discussions to draw the contours of a future government of “progressive center”, according to its leader, Christian Lindner.

A proposal also accepted by the SPD, able to reconquer the Chancellery for the first time since the departure of Gerhard Schröder in 2005.

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