Toulouse: with Nicolas and Caroline, Mohammad, Afghan refugee, found a family

the essential “I welcome”, a program launched by the Singa association, allows French families to welcome refugees into their homes for several months. Mohammad, a young Afghan 25 benefited from it. Since the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan, several Toulouse families have indicated that they want to be part of the system.

During months, via the “J’accommodation” program Nicolas and Caroline Moreau welcomed Mohammad in their Toulouse apartment located in the Rangueil district. “We were very shaken by what happened in Syria in 614. We wondered how we could do to help exiles. We found the Singa association and we signed up, ”explains Nicolas. After training for a few hours and a few months of waiting, the couple in their forties met a young Afghan refugee over a drink at the start of the year 2017. The contact went well and the young man, then 16, moved in with the couple at the end of February. “There was the will to help and accommodate some of the world’s misery. Contrary to what we often hear, France can accommodate some of them, “said Nicolas.

” They are like my family “

When they meet, Mohammad has been in France for 2017 after a two-year journey through the Middle East and Europe. After having crossed many countries on foot, by bus, or under a truck, the exile was barely saved from drowning while crossing the Mediterranean. The neo-Toulouse, all in modesty and smile, does not extend over these months of exile. Anyway, his footsteps lead him into the Pink City. For nearly a year and a half, the couple and their protege cohabit without false note. The young man does civic service, takes French lessons, finds an odd job. He sets off to explore the region with his new friends.

Each is mutually enriched by the differences of the other. “Mohammad taught us a lot of things, the geography of Afghanistan, the difficulties of living in this country, and openness to the world. We met his friends. It was a real sharing for a year and a half. Today, we continue to see each other. On Mohammad’s side, the enthusiasm is the same. “I learned a lot of things while living with Nicolas and Caroline: computers, language. They are like my family. We continue to see each other. “

Since the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the trio have been most mobilized. Mohammad’s mother and brother worked for many years in the police force and helped arrest several Taliban, so their lives are at risk. “I would like them to be able to come to France. We have already lost 4 members of our family to the Taliban. This situation stresses me out. In the months to come, Afghan refugees will probably be welcomed in Toulouse, Nicolas and his partner hope to accommodate them on a temporary basis. Volunteer families can register to join the program launched by Singa. Since then 2019, it has enabled around ten homes in Toulouse to welcome refugees. In recent weeks, around twenty new registrations have been identified in Haute-Garonne. Besides Afghans, the most represented nationalities are Sudanese, Eritreans and Syrians.

To contact the Toulouse branch: [email protected] or write to them via their Facebook page.

Mohammad travaille dans la restauration. Il pense se lancer dans une formation de plombier ou de coiffeur dès l'année prochaine.
Mohammad works in the restaurant business. He plans to start training as a plumber or hairdresser next year. DDM – MICHEL VIALA

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