Toulouse: vandalism, theft and assaults in Saouzelong and Busca

the essential The inhabitants of Saouzelong and Busca, in Toulouse, are worried about the upsurge in vandalism and delinquency: victims sometimes find themselves facing burglars, at home, in the midst of night. A rue du Midi squat is singled out.

“The inhabitants are exasperated, some are afraid”, launches a trader of the rue du Midi. For several days, even several weeks, cars have been vandalized, shop windows broken, gardens visited, shutters and windows broken in apartments on the ground floor and residents find themselves facing their attacker (s). , in the middle of the night, in the peaceful district of Saouzelong, and even in the very residential Busca.

Exhausted inhabitants, aggressors who are not afraid of anything

“They are not afraid of anything”, blurted an inhabitant of the rue du Midi who saw the gate of his home smashed down and the back door of the house giving onto the forced garden, in the middle of the night: “at 4 o’clock in the morning , the intruder who was in the garden fled only because the alarm had gone off in the house “. The same night, the unfortunate victim, who runs a business on avenue Crampel, saw the window of his store smashed, while the burglars attacked the gates protecting the interior: “Fortunately, they could not enter and no ‘did not steal anything “.

On the other hand, the video camera of this owner of the rue du Japon recorded the theft of an electric bicycle by an individual who had entered her home fraudulently and who passed the bicycle over the gate to a waiting associate. outside. Rues du Midi and Jean Racine, several vehicles had their windows broken during the night from Wednesday to last Thursday and also during the weekend, in the same sector and avenue du MarĂ©chal Foch. “All this risks ending in a tragedy”, launches a victim. In a residence in the rue du Midi, “residents of apartments on the ground floor found themselves face to face with an individual who had entered their kitchen, in the middle of the night, after having broken shutters and windows. the window “, testifies a resident who wishes to remain anonymous:” they come back, sometimes “.

“A resident of Avenue d’Italie found an intruder crouching at the back of his room, who had stolen his tablet,” said another. Residents point to squatters settled for several months in several lodgings of the Grand Parc residence, at 15 rue du Midi: “Young people, perhaps minors, who seem to be migrants, uncontrollable “, launches a local resident. “We frequently have the municipal police and the national police intervene, this situation becomes complicated on a daily basis”, launches a resident.

Several complaints for theft and various damages have been recorded by the National Police, who say they are “sensitized by the complaints, the police of the right bank multiply the passages in the sector and have undertaken a fundamental work to find the perpetrators of the criminal acts. “. The neighborhood mayor, Fella Allal, was also alerted.

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