Toulouse. Their first violin at school

This Monday evening, within the framework of the device “A violin in my school”, the children of two schools of the educational city of Grand Mirail paraded on the platform of the Elementary school Paul Dottin to recover, turn in turn, their violin.

Launched in 2014 by the Vareille foundation, this musical initiation project aims to promote the academic success of students enrolled in schools of the priority education network in through sustained practice of the violin from 4 to 8 years old during school hours: “Many studies show that playing a particularly demanding musical instrument such as the violin really brings a plus in the way people learn and assimilate the students, ”explains Hélène Vareille, president of the foundation. Supported and supported by scientific studies, the project aims above all to limit early school leaving by reducing economic and social inequalities which have a strong impact on school results: “This project is ultimately the idea of ​​giving more to those who have less “, declares Marion Lalane-de-Laubadère, deputy mayor of Toulouse in charge of education. Deployed in the Paris region, the device plans to extend to all political territories so that the practice of a musical instrument becomes a leisure accessible to all and a tool for concentration and performance: “We want to show that there are no differences in treatment between the students of this district and the students of the rest of the academy. It is the requirement and the perseverance which allow to progress “, insists Mostafa Fourar, rector of the academy of Toulouse.

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