Toulouse. The Huma Festival in solidarity with Afghans and Kurds

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The edition 2021 of the Fête de l’Huma, which ended yesterday at the Bikini, has been marked by the presence of the president of the New Afghan People’s Party, the main leftist party, Abdullah Naibi, also an emergency doctor at the Colmar hospital. “We are creating a great movement of resistance to the power of the Taliban”, launched, at the end of his speech, Abdullah Naibi, citing, in addition to the democratic political parties, the role of women who demand their rights since l ‘Afghanistan. Abdullah Naibi was one of the guests at the Fête de l’Huma de La Courneuve in September. During the debate, he was in the company of the actress Bahar Brishna. The PCF 31 expressed its support in a concrete way by a check for 3 000 € from donations from participants in the Huma Festival.

Regular guests of the event, representatives of the Kurdish people also participated in yesterday’s debate. Akin Cakar, head of the Franco-Kurdish house in Occitanie, and Weysel Keizer, political leader and deposed mayor of a commune, showed that they too were facing the religious fundamentalism of the Turkish power which pursues “a neo expansionist policy. Ottoman “.

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