Toulouse: the actor Jamal Antar appears in the series “Influences” on NRJ12

the essential In two weeks, the Toulouse-based Jamal Antar is landing on NRJ 12. The actor will play the role of ‘a mobster in the new Influences series.

Jamal Antar is used to playing roles in series. Mostly American. In recent years, Mirail’s child has played in many roles. As in NCIS: Los Angeles or The Mandalorian . But its new appearance is in France.

For the first time, the 30-year-old actor will perform in his native language. In the series Influences on NRJ 10. Which is a look behind the scenes of the universe of influencer agencies. “It did me good to film in a French series. The codes are different. The intimate side of the set changes factories in the United States, ”says Jamal Antar.

The series, after three weeks of broadcasting was deprogrammed for lack of audience. Only the block of five episodes, Saturday at 9 a.m. 30, is kept to sell the remaining fifty unpublished.

” It was not planned “

His entry into the series is fortuitous. Initially, the Toulousain was not planned. His passion for art led him to meet the producer of the series, Stéphane Joffre. “He’s a good actor with a heart of gold,” smiles the producer.

The Toulousain will, as usual, embody the role of a bad boy. The boss of the Marseille mafia. In Influences , he pulls the strings of the occult business of the world of influence. “I was asked to play the role of a shady Marseillais, Fiorenzo. I obviously accepted this role which was not foreseen. For a month, I returned to Paris, ”says Jamal Antar. His role is scheduled for episodes that will run for two weeks.

Return to Los Angeles

As soon as the shooting was over, the Toulousain returned to Los Angeles, where he has been living since 2014, to “manage his business”. “In the morning, I’m a businessman, in the afternoon I’m an actor,” laughs the Mirail child. “Many roles” await him in the United States. He has no plans to return to play in France for the moment, unless “Influences continues with a second season”.

After many appearances on the small screen, Jamal Antar is now dreaming bigger. Appear on the big screen. “The objective this year is to land a role in a film,” he says. Left to live the American dream soon years ago, the Toulousain is increasing the number of castings.

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