Toulouse: Laurent Bernadac's music, indexed on the curve of global warming

the essential In his last video, viewable on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram for a week, Laurent Bernadac offers music called “Climax”, the chords of which are indexed on the curve of global warming. An original clip from this Toulouse engineer, who lives between Toulouse and Béziers and five years ago created the company 3DVarius (which produces three-dimensional violins), for whom music and physics have a lot to teach us. Maintenance.

How did you get the idea of ​​composing music indexed to the global warming curve?

As an engineer I always try to get the most reliable data on a subject. In this specific case, it is the readings of average ground temperatures, from 1885 (start of the industrial revolution) to the present day, which really convinced me of the reality of global warming. climate. These are past data, not future projections, which have been obtained and correlated at the aggregate level by several independent sources. From my point of view, it is the information that I consider the most reliable, the most direct. On this curve, I was amazed to note a clear and regular rise in temperatures from 1885 with a second more pronounced acceleration from years 1970. It is this phenomenon that I wanted to highlight.

There is a real environmental message emanating from this music, as more than 120 heads of state will give speeches during the COP 26 from Glasgow?

Like everyone else, I am concerned by this problem and these issues. In fact, I felt more confident than concerned when I physically searched for the right data. I needed to go to the source of the information, in particular that of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Editor’s note), and others. But beyond the conclusions, it was the data that interested me. I used the raw data to translate it into sensations.

How to translate scientific data into music?

It’s a bit complicated to explain… Beyond the production of electric violins, we have also created effects for electric violins, and also impulse responses, that is to say the audio translation of a sound that is different from one instrument to another. With for example the sound of the sea, which contains all the audible frequencies, I was able to extract a note from it, then a chord and so on. I then decided to index this sound to the global warming curve. I finally noticed that this increase, which is linear throughout the song – I start from a tempo at 80 and end at 160 -, you only feel it from the second part of the song. it means that things are physically there, but they are only felt when they exceed a certain threshold.

What are the reactions after uploading your clip “Climax”?

We have 400 views on Youtube, 5 on Facebook and 1 000 on Instagram. I have already started to have contact with climate activists who ask me for interviews.

What message do you want to convey through this clip, some images of which clearly denounce the company and its excesses?

A simple message: if you are not convinced by global warming, this music, which is an emotional transformation of raw data that has existed since 1885, can allow you to feel them physically. Little by little, the acceleration of progress is almost exponential. Capitalism, financial and digital exchanges, and the explosion of all debts. We are exceeding money that we do not have and that we will not be able to repay and we are putting on the heads of future generations these debts that we will not be able to assume. It is, to say the least, thoughtless. Music has the possibility of conveying a message, of speaking to as many people as possible. In any case, reach out to people who would be interested in feeling this development. This is my small contribution to global warming.

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