Toulouse: Fraissinet au Bijou, full of emotions

the essential Nicolas Fraissinet is in concert at the Bijou from this Thursday for two evenings.

50% French, 50% Swiss, Nicolas Fraissinet is not the man to invest himself halfway in his art, song, and we will be able to check it on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 at the Bijou.

He could have been a filmmaker: after studying cinema and making a few short films, it was the piano and the discovery of music in concert that would give a decisive turn to his career and his destiny. “I really liked making music videos,” he says, “but the feedback I got from it was always a bit delayed. When I discovered the scene and the immediate relationship with the audience, everything changed. “The songwriter will keep in mind his passion for Bergman and Burton, just like that for Brel and Barbara, of which he delivered on his last live album a quivering and airy version of” Say, when will you return? “. Yet it is across the Channel, with Bowie and Tori Amos that Fraissinet finds his influences. “Playing the piano and singing has always seemed complicated to me, especially since I can only see with one eye and my left hand is often in the dark. It was when I discovered Tori Amos’ pose on her piano that I realized that you could do both without any problem. “His new title,” Nuit “(the clip of which was produced, as always, with the band from the Paris-8 film school) is a bewitching stroll that strikes you with its sincerity:” I do things in the urgently, they are authentic and not “played” – otherwise, I would not assume them, even when they pull on the sensitive chord. They help me get out of my comfort zone. The second track recently unveiled, “La sève”, is playful, powerful and Fraissinet’s warm voice works wonders on this irresistible crescendo. The two concerts at Le Bijou promise great encounters and intimate trips with pop rock colors on the path of the crest of emotions.

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