Toulouse Con Tour, the return

the essential Magyd Cherfi, Yvan Cujious and Art Mengo meet for a new round of their Toulouse Con Tour whose first album will be released in January. In the meantime, here is “Tomorrow, tomorrow”, new festive title and removed …

In the music video for the song “Demain, demain” which announces the Toulouse Con Tour album, were the bow ties of Art Mengo and Yvan Cujious compulsory? !

Magyd Cherfi : I found them very elegant! And we really told them they were fine with it! (laughs)

Art Mengo: The worst part is that I think they want us to take it on stage with Yvan! For the clip ok but for the scene I’m not really up for it! (laughs)

Why did you choose this title from the Fabulous Trobadors to announce the album?

MC: It’s an idea of ​​Yvan Cujious, it’s a song that we love, that we have all played live all three and it really has an absolutely enjoyable and festive side! And we wanted to record it in a more modern, almost electronic way.

“Tomorrow, tomorrow” for the title of the single, “Le Temps additional” for the album, do you three have a problem with the passage of time?

MC: Well yes there is a problem, it is that our careers are behind! (laughs) We laugh about it with the boys but since it’s a story that starts and that we are at the end of the course, we play on this idea of ​​knowing if it is possible to have 17 years to 60 years! This is the question that, perhaps, everyone is asking: “Damn, there is no way to go back ?!” (laughs) During the whole previous TCT tour we played around with it a bit without realizing it, we were in the logic of “Please, can we have a little bit of rab mister? Showbiz ?! ” (laughs) And that’s where I got the idea of ​​extra time.

AM: Yes we have a problem with that, like most artists who have only one obsession with the passing of time and who we makes people say that old age is a shipwreck. But we are young and old so it’s okay, we can say that we are people of a certain age, we are not yet old people! And besides, we easily fit into these roles of three singers of a certain age who still believe in it. It’s a bit like the idea of ​​the clip, to get ready in a suit to go play in the street. So it’s pretty fun playing the gorgeous losers.

What makes the mark of this upcoming album?

MC: The idea was to have original songs to mark our mark. For the live, it could be good to do covers but there we could enjoy a production that suited all three of us so we went towards sentimental themes because I didn’t want to pull a militant cord in my own way. So I put myself in the shoes of Toulouse Con Tour, in something more intimate.

Who worked on the texts?

AM: Essentially Magyd, on relationships between men / women, boys / girls. He is still obsessed with it! (laughs) And then there are titles like “Mon Enfance”, “Des Mots tenderres” which have more to do with time and these songs are characterized by a certain sweetness. Magyd settles down… And I worked on two songs from the four unreleased tracks that make up the album in addition to the six covers.

On the album cover, the merry-go-round in Place Wilson and the illustration that represents you refer to an unfinished childhood…

MC: That’s it! When you look back there is always childhood like that wandering around. With the song “My Childhood” we draw a sum of assessments on our life, our childhood, love relationships. The illustration tries to bring back a kind of freshness with a pencil drawing…

trio from Toulouse

Toulouse Con Tour is the trio formed since 2014 by Magyd Cherfi, Yvan Cujious and Art Mengo. Then, a repertoire pulsed by good French song from our region (Nougaro, Cabrel, Vassiliu, Nino Ferrer…) and an unequaled common “chambering” capacity constitute the formula of this troupe of friends very lively and laughing. As proof, the kindness that the trio launched at the opening of concerts a few years ago: “Yvan, he has a Quint-Fonsegrives accent”, “Art Mengo, he complicates everything”, “Magyd is the singer of Zebda , that means margarine… “

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