Toulouse chef Michel Sarran joins the cast of a popular series on TF1

the essential He had been excluded from Top Chef last August: the Toulousain Michel Sarran will join the cast of the show “Here everything begins” on TF1. This is a first for the Michelin-starred chef.

After the disappointment, Michel Sarran took the ball on the rebound. At the end of last August, the Toulouse chef told La Dépêche du Midi his disappointment when he had been dismissed by the producers of Top Chef for the next season of the famous cooking show.

Two months later, the chef goes to prefer dark rooms to starred cuisine. According to information communicated by Le Parisien, Michel Sarran will join the cast of the series “Here everything begins”, broadcast on TF1. The Toulousain will play his own role and for fiction, will join a jury which will be responsible for electing the best cooking institute.

One month of filming

The former Top Chef juror explains that he “was touched and excited at the idea of ​​doing something different”: “I only allowed myself a short time to think, admits the starred chef. ‘it is about a character of composition but without really being it, since I play my own role “. This is not the first time that the 60-year-old has been offered a role on the small screen. Michel Sarran having refused to join Léo Matteï’s team in 2019 (with Jean-Luc Reichmann).

The Toulousain must complete nearly a month of filming. However, the cook says he does not want to be the subject of a professional retraining: “I just want to have fun. And I do not at all pretend to a role in a great Hollywood film”. Le Toulousain integrates in any case a heavy series of its 259 episodes, broadcast since November 2 2020 on the first channel .

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