Toulouse: an open letter to the mayor calls for the purchase of the former Saint-Michel prison

the essential An open letter addressed to Jean-Luc Moudenc, signed by the Saint-Michel district committee and the association Le Buisca, our district, urges the community to buy the former prison from the State, ready to sell him for 5, 50 M €.

The shooting of a film in the prison, an exceptional concert of the National Orchestra of the Capitol conducted by Tugan Sokhiev, a fruitful harvest of vegetables in shared gardens, an ephemeral cultural season or the launch of a study for the future uses of the two wings of the former prison, on the Grande rue Saint-Michel side…

The Saint-Michel district committee and the association Le Busca, our district list in an open letter to Jean-Luc Moudenc, mayor of Toulouse and president of Toulouse Métropole, everything that could be done on the premises of the former prison “if the community owned the site. For 18 years, the former prison has been almost entirely abandoned. For 11 years, the site of 19 400 m² in the heart of the district is abandoned by the State which wishes to sell it and waits for the community to position itself before addressing itself to private promotion ”, can we read in this letter.

Campaign promises

“In 2014, you were elected by promising a City of music on the site of the former prison, including an auditorium for the Orchester National du Théâtre du Capitole. During the summer 2019, the prefect validates the site development project supported by the associations concerned and suggests that the community buy the site on this basis for 5 , 5 M0 € instead of 11, 50 M € envisaged in 2017. In 2020, you were re-elected by again promising the Cité de la musique on the site despite your re-election, nothing has happened yet! This acquisition would make it possible to carry out the necessary emergency work, to start opening the site to the public with transitional activities, to move forward on the Cité de la musique project ”, continues the committee, in its letter to the mayor, who questions : “Would you prefer to wait for the State, without a response to its offer to transfer to the community, to end up turning to private developers?” “. The signatories of the letter ask the mayor to “submit the acquisition of the former prison for 5, 19 M € to the municipal or metropolitan council by the end 2021 ”.

A project at 50 or 150 M €

The mayor of Toulouse indicated, this summer in the Dispatch, that he awaited the commitment of the State, the Region and the Department for the financing of the auditorium. A large-scale project, estimated at “100 millions of €, even 150 millions “, according to Francis Grass, the deputy mayor of Toulouse in charge of culture, who points out:” the auditorium of Paris, which cost 400 million €, was funded half by the State and the other half by the City of Paris, which is also a department “. The deputy also intends to reassure the neighborhood committee and the Busca association: “we are working together on the neighborhood project, and also with the State. I do not see the State withdrawing to sell to private development. “.

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