Top Chef: “very stubborn” and “too much in control”, Philippe Etchebest would not be a fan of Glenn Viel, Michel Sarran's replacement

the essential Tensions would be high on the set of the flagship culinary show of M6, where Philippe Etchebest would still have trouble accepting the departure of Michel Sarran.

Wouldn’t the transition go smoothly at Top Chef? This is what some indiscretions recently relayed by the magazine Here suggest, which evokes quite sharp tensions between Philippe Etchebest, figurehead of the culinary programs of M6 (Top Chef, Objectif Top Chef, Cauchemar en cuisine …), and Glenn Viel, the new juror of the show, who arrives this season to replace Toulouse chef Michel Sarran, dismissed after seven seasons.

According to the magazine, the Basque cook would have launched in the direction of the newcomer “You are not up to Michel Sarran!” in the midst of the ordeal, as the filming of the new season has begun. He would also have said, behind the scenes, that the youngest leader of the gang was “very stubborn”, “too much in control”. According to one candidate, Philippe Etchebest would also do everything to destabilize his new rival.

Attempts that Glenn Viel would not taste at all. The three-star chef would not hesitate to say it elsewhere: “He takes himself for the boss of the show”, he would have launched in response. Atmosphere…

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