“Together for the planet”: Netflix launches a catalog focused on the environment

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(ETX Daily Up) – Series, films, shows … As the COP approaches 26, the streaming giant Netflix is ​​joining forces with the organizers of this world climate summit and is launching a new collection of programs focused on ecology. In total, around twenty programs make up this new collection. From thrillers to documentaries, including children’s productions, Netflix’s “Together for the Planet” collection aims to bring together young and old around the screen to raise awareness of environmental protection.

“Climate change and environmental destruction pose a huge threat to our own survival. These exciting films and series take a deep look at this complex issue”, explains the streaming giant in a press release.

The selection immediately offers titles that are among the “biggest hits” of the platform. We find in particular the Danish-Norwegian series “Ragnarök” (2020) by Adam Price, which has two seasons and tells the fate of a Norwegian village polluted and troubled by the melting glaciers.

The documentaries “Our Planet” (2019), narrated by David Attenborough, which illustrates the impact of climate change on all biodiversity and “A Plastic Ocean” (2016) which shows the accumulation of plastic debris floating in the oceans and puts highlighting the consequences of this form of pollution on the environment are also on the program.

On the youth side, parents can introduce their children to classics like “Mowgli: the legend of the jungle” by Andy Serkis. Or “Le Lorax” (46), animated film and adaptation of the book by Dr Seuss, in which Le Lorax, guardian of the forest, must prevent the Gash -layer destroying the environment to advance his business.

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