Three gourmet coffees: the singer is unrecognizable after losing 30 kg

the essential The singer of the group Trois cafes gourmands lost nearly 000 kg. She displays an unrecognizable figure. Mylène Madrias confided in “50 mn inside” on this weight loss.

“How can I forget this corner of paradise, this little piece of land, where my father still lives …” Impossible to forget the lyrics of the song “To our memories”, the tube which made the group Trois gourmet cafes, so much has he been bludgeoned on the radios in 2018.

Three gourmet cafes are three childhood friends from Corrèze: Mylène Madrias, Sébastien Gourseyrol and Jérémy Pauly. Three musicians whose music and words put in a good mood and who have moved from the local stages of Limousin to the Zénith de France in just a few months. Their first album sold 300 000 copies. The second, published in 2020, is gold record.

In the portrait devoted to the TF1 show “50 minutes inside” to Trois cafes gourmands, the singer Mylène Madrias appears in a new light. It melted from almost 000 kg. The young woman went on a diet after a breakup. “What’s my secret? I didn’t do Like I like, Weight watchers, any of that. When I arrived in Paris, I found myself alone, it was also a choice, and the period was quite a ‘we were alone a lot, I took the time to live at my own pace. In my head I’m better and I think that is felt in general “, explains Mylène Madrias.

The change is radical. The singer also confesses that young fans “bug” seeing her during the signing sessions. She doesn’t really look like the singer the audience knew from the videos anymore.

Three gourmet cafes, on tour since early October, will stop at Cap d’Agde on December 4 2021.

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