Thomas Pesquet soon back on Earth: how will the end of his mission be?

the essential Thomas Pesquet should return to Earth in the next few days, see the next few weeks. After six months on the ISS, here is his end-of-mission program.

After spending six months on the International Space Station (ISS), Thomas Pesquet is expected to return to Earth shortly. It should set foot on French soil at the beginning of November, and not at the end of October as it had been announced, reports Ouest France. The replacement crew will indeed arrive on November 1 aboard the ISS, leaving 31 October, NASA indicates on its platform. Several days will then be necessary for the handover.

The official date of the French astronaut’s return has not yet been announced, but it should be between November 6 or 7. However, the weather can influence these dates.

A busy calendar

Once the replacement crew has arrived and the handover has been completed, Thomas Pesquet and his colleagues’ SpaceX capsule will leave the ISS, heading for Earth. The astronauts are expected to land off Florida, then ships will come to pick them up. According to the European Space Agency, the operation will be more complicated than landing a Soyuz capsule, she told Ouest France. The one who was commander during his last month of mission had experienced this capsule in 2017, after his first mission to the ISS.

After being transported to Florida, the group will head to Houston, Texas. Thomas Pesquet will undergo biological tests there for a few hours. Once the tests are completed, the astronaut will travel to the European Astronaut Center in Colone, Germany, where he will stay for three weeks. He will be granted a week’s vacation before returning to Houston in early December.

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