Thomas Pesquet back on Earth: the astronaut does not rule out a mission to the Moon

the essential A few hours after his successful landing off Florida, Thomas Pesquet gave his first impressions of his return to Earth. The French astronaut has not denied his interest in a potential mission to the Moon.

Thomas Pesquet has finally set foot on Earth. Very early in the morning of Tuesday, November 9, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet spoke to the press for the first time a few hours after his successful landing off Florida. On the tarmac at Cologne airport in Germany, he said he was going “very well”.

“You get used to it very very quickly” he confided, assuring however that he did not feel ready to “run a 100 meter”. The astronaut returned to the first sensations he felt when he left the Dragon capsule. In this sense, he underlined the “good smell” of the members of the crew who had come to collect them. They smelled “super good of detergent and soap”. “Which also means that we perhaps didn’t feel very very good after six months in the resort,” he laughed.

The astronaut also admitted to lacking “stability” for his first steps on Earth. He said he had “the impression of a rubber band pulling everything down” when he lifted a phone. On the other hand, Thomas Pesquet assured to have been able to “benefit a little more” from the re-entry into the atmosphere. The reason: the “bigger windows” of the SpaceX capsule in comparison to the Soyuz capsule, during its first mission, reports France Info.

Towards a mission on the Moon ?

At the moment, the French astronaut has only one hurry: to take “a good shower”. “Seeing all the water droplets that are going to fall in the same direction is going to be like in a science fiction movie” he confided, after spending six months in space conditions.

Assuring wanting to “take time for himself” after two long cycles of missions devoted to the ISS since 2014, Thomas Pesquet, however, did not deny his interest in a possible mission to the Moon. “We are explorers, convinced that it is useful to everyone” he concluded, while promising to welcome in France his companions of the Crew-2 mission.

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