Thomas Guggeis, a trip to China with the Orchester du Capitole

the essential The young German conductor will conduct the National Capitol Orchestra this Saturday evening for a concert with Franco-Austrian accents but focused on Asian gentleness and mystery.

The young German conductor Thomas Guggeis returns to Toulouse – he had conducted the Orchester National du Capitole de Toulouse in February for “Tristan et Isolde” by Wagner and “Thus spoke Zarathoustra” by Richard Strauss – for a concert with French accents -Austrians (Ravel and Mahler) but turned towards Asian sweetness and mystery. “We continue our musical journey, smiles the one who, at 28 years, has just been appointed musical director of the Frankfurt Opera. After the poetry and the philosophy of the North with Sibelius or Nietzsche, we go to China, with this work by Gustav Mahler, “The Song of the Earth”, which is part of a cycle of six lieders. Basically, they are very popular Chinese tales, which date back to the 5th and 6th centuries, translated at the time of Mahler by a sinologist. It is a piece that begins dark enough in C minor to move towards a sort of apotheosis in C major. “

The union in the program of this “Song of the Earth” composed in 1909 by the great Austrian composer with “Ma Mère l’Oye” by Maurice Ravel is, according to Thomas Guggeis, all quite relevant: “These are also small tales and there are colors close to Mahler’s work, he observes. This C major takes us to Perrault’s ‘Petit Poucet’, which is in this work. by Ravel. I was amazed at the start of this correspondence, before remembering that he had always been fascinated by Asia. “

Two sung pieces

These two pieces are sung and Thomas Guggeis will conduct Tanja Ariane Baumgartner (mezzo-soprano) and Attilio Glaser (tenor): “I do not produce any sound: if I am alone in front of the audience without anyone behind me, there is no music. My role is to create a sound, to ensure that all these wonderful musicians and singers can express themselves in the best possible conditions, that the balance between them is good. I’m lucky: the musicians of the Orchester National du Capitole know how to listen and they are very used to working together – they also have a very wide repertoire and have already played this Mahler two years ago. ” A young conductor visibly very happy to find Toulouse, its Capitol and, but it’s a secret, its food, which he loves!

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