This Netflix horror movie was written by a bot

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(ETX Daily Up) – Netflix tried a rather unusual experiment: asking a bot, therefore an artificial intelligence, to write the script for a film of horror. The result is rather stunning. Even if the film contains many clichés, it offers dialogues as absurd as they are funny, worthy of the greatest chicks of the genre. A style visibly assumed by Netflix which put the short film online on one of its Youtube channels.

Clearly, Netflix does not lack originality! With “Mr. Puzzles Wants You To Be Less Alive”, the platform offers a horror film written entirely by a bot. To achieve this “exploit”, the machine viewed more than 400. 00 0 hours of horror movies. The film is actually a 4min short film 23, filled with absurdities and teeming with clichés. The plot begins with a woman “of beauty on the outside and blood on the inside” suspended from a rope above a bed of chainsaws. A semi-terrifying character with a Japanese kabuki mask asks her puzzles that she must answer. If she is wrong, she can be abused.

In the end, this short film is rather successful with this particular feeling: the clichés are omnipresent, but the bot seems to play with them, which gives a remarkable comic feeling. In reality, one has the impression that the presence of this robotic voice similar to that of automatic translators gives relief to the humor offered by the dialogues and sequences.

Netflix worked with Keaton Patti, author of a book “I Forced a Bot to Write This Book: AI Meets BS”, where he forces a machine to ingest massively human writings to produce completely sassy and humorous dialogues or texts.

This is not the first time that Netflix has tried scenarios generated by artificial intelligence. His Youtube Netflix is ​​a Joke channel offers other little films written by a bot.

To watch “Mr. Puzzles Wants You To Be Less Alive”: WZzbxNoMjGM

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