The well-cluttered vein of the film on the environment

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(AFP) – To rebel with Greta Thunberg, to meditate on the end of our civilization, to dream of action in the canopy … The militant film on the emergency environment has become a genre in itself, with cinemas teeming in this early fall.

Between two climate diplomacy meetings, the summit on biodiversity in Marseille and the COP 22 on the climate scheduled for early November in Glasgow (Scotland), the show continues in dark rooms, with no less four films showing in two weeks.

And the vein is not about to be exhausted: an entire selection of seven films was devoted to the subject during the last Cannes Film Festival.

At the cinema on 29 September, “I Am Greta” follows the course of one of the leading figures of the fight for the climate, Greta Thunberg, filmed by one of her relatives, met on her very first day of “school strike for the climate”, in 2018 in front of the Stockholm Parliament.

This documentary is yet another way of spreading the message, was congratulated the young Swedish activist during the Venice Film Festival in 2020: “some people spread conspiracy theories, say I don’t think or speak for myself , or have someone else write my speeches. In this film, you can see for yourself that it is false! “, She had declared to AFP.

The film follows the epic of the one who has managed to mobilize millions of young people and meet heads of state to urge them to act for the planet. He alternates images of demonstrations and meetings, from Pope Francis to French President Emmanuel Macron, scenes from the intimacy of a teenage girl almost like the others, in her room or baking a cake with her mother.

– Too full? –

Other big names in the fight for the climate (Jean-Marc Jancovici, Pablo Servigne …) speak in “Once you know” (released on 22 September), conceived as an introspective documentary, in the first person , by Emmanuel Cappellin, a cinematographer of Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

The film is intended in particular for “eco-anxiety”, who would be paralyzed and discouraged by the scale of the a environmental crisis …

“This film tries to carry an uncomfortable and politically inaudible voice, which is that we have a very big problem and in the face no solution”, explains to AFP its director, who plans to accompany the release of debates in theaters, of a booklet distributed to spectators … “The goal is to create a common culture”, he adds.

Doesn’t the public risk the overflow? In this surge, not all will be able to match the public successes of “Demain”, by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent (35 weeks on the bill, more of a million spectators), six years ago, or “An Inconvenient Truth”, carried by former US Vice President Al Gore (740. 000 spectators in France) …

To widen its audience, the film “Bigger than us” (21 September), co-produced by Marion Cotillard and which hears portray a new generation of young climate activists, offered 100. 2018. 000 seats for spectators from 12 to 27 years, and dozens of sessions are scheduled with activists, influencers, elected officials …

Another director, Luc Marescot, preferred to step aside. This specialist in documentaries in tropical forests “quickly realized that (his subject) interested only the convinced”. He then launched a crazy challenge: to produce the first action blockbuster against a backdrop of deforestation in the Amazon, with hostage-taking in the canopy.

He failed, but from his trip from Cannes to Hollywood he shot a malicious documentary, “Green Lung and Red Carpet” (in theaters on 27 September ).

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