The Voice: the confidences of Will Barber, the candidate for the Toulouse region

the essential On the occasion of the new flagship show The Voice All Stars, this Saturday evening on TF1, a special anniversary edition to celebrate 10 years of the program, Audois Will Barber is back on stage.

Relaxed, serene and full of enthusiasm, the emblematic candidate of season 6 of The Voice opens up about his life since his first visit.

“The Voice show has arrived, and my life has changed”

Will, when did you fall into music?

I was a kid when I tasted music. I was really immersed in two different cultures: my father was a fan of American culture. He listened to country, blues… While my mother was focused on French musical culture. It is this mixture that forged me. Music was really a need.

The Voice has changed the lives of many artists: is it for you?

Sure ! Before The Voice, I worked in the restaurant business. I was playing hat in the street. Then the show came on and my life changed. We find ourselves playing with the older children overnight. It is simply amazing. It took me a long time, almost two years, to figure out what was happening to me but today it is a real pleasure.

Why are you participating in this new season?

One day I was given a phone call: it was the team of The Voice who called me to participate in the ten years of this show. I said yes without hesitation. This adventure brought me so much. The team never let go of me after my first visit. I couldn’t refuse to come back on stage and see this big family again.

What experience do you get from the first show for this new season?

I didn’t know anything about the TV set. I come back today with much more experience. I am more professional, I know how to channel fear and apprehension. I feel more comfortable and above all more confident for this new season.

What will we find out about you during this new show? Should we expect surprises?

In any case, you should know that there are surprises will have some! You will discover unexpected pieces but which I interpret in my own way. After that, I will stay in my key and in my register. Why change? I will simply be me because I don’t know how to do otherwise! You find your Will Barber again, don’t worry.

Along with the show, what are you working on right now?

I’ve been working on my new album for almost a year now. The health situation complicated things a bit but we quickly got back in the saddle. You will be able to discover in this new album of new colors: I retrace my life since small on airs of soul, country, blues, funk,… They say that the second album is that of the consecration and I hope that it will be. Anyway, all I can tell you is that I’m extremely proud of it

See you Saturday at 21 h on TF1 to follow and support Will Barber.

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