The Voice all stars: Jenifer's team decimated before the semi-final

the essential The names of the candidates for the semi-final of “The Voice All Stars” are known. Jenifer believed that she would retain no talent in the adventure. The public ultimately saved only one of its candidates. The semi-final will take place next Saturday.

“It’s not very pleasant to waste all the time.” Throughout the final night of the cross-battles, Jenifer was worried. Its candidates were eliminated one after the other. Because the risk was indeed there: one or more coaches could arrive in the semi-final without a candidate.

This year, the mechanics of “The Voice” changed for the cross-battles stage. Nikos Aliagas appoints a coach who chooses one of his candidates. Then the coach designates which other coach he wants to face. Then instruct this coach to choose his candidate to sing. The two candidates sing their song one after the other. The winner is chosen by the public vote on the set.

At the end of the blind auditions, Jenifer had welcomed six talents to her team: Anthony Trice, Amalya, Al.Hy, Ogee, Charlie and Leelou. Last week, when Al.Hy was eliminated, Jenifer threatened to quit the show. The shooting had also had to be interrupted according to the TV press.

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One after another, all of Jenifer’s talents were eliminated by the public. Only one candidate saved her skin: Amalyah. She will therefore be Jenifer’s only candidate for the semi-final. “We were lost, we were the only team where no one was staying,” recalls Amalyah in Télé-Loisirs .

The situation made Internet users react on social networks.

At the same time, on Twitter, Internet users published messages of support for Jenifer: “She hurts me too much”, “I would have felt sorry for Jenifer if she did the lives without any talent”, “Jenifer doesn’t deserve all this hatred”, “Jenifer’s affection for her candidates is really beautiful.”


  • Ana Ka (Florent Pagny team) / Will Barber ( Zazie team): Will Barber winner
  • Paul (Mika team) / Leelou (Jenifer team): Paul winner
  • Emmy Liana (team Patrick Fiori) / Gjon’s Tears (team Zazie): Gjon’s Tears winner
  • Charlie (Jenifer team) / MB 14 (Florent Pagny team): MB winner
  • Anthony Touma (Mika team) / Louise Combier (Zazie team): Anthony Touma winner
  • Atef (Patrick Fiori team) / Amalyah (Jenifer team): Amalyah winner
  • Anahy (Florent Pagny team ) / Louis Delort (Patrick Fiori team): Louis Delort winner

Will Barber, the rocker from Gruissan in Aude, qualified for the semi-final. With his cover of “Million reasons” by Lady Gaga, he won his duel with 16, 3% of the votes.

Qualified candidates for the semi-final

Fifteen talents are qualified for the semi-final on Saturday 16 October. Florent Pagny has in his team: Anne Sila, Dominique Magloire, MN and Manon. Zazie can count on Will Barber, Demi-Mondaine, and Gjon’s Tears. Mika enlisted Victoria Adamo, Paul, Anthony Touma and Terence James. Patrick Fiori can count on Flo Malley, Antoine and Louis Delort. Jenifer, finally, will put all her hopes in Amalyah.


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