The Voice All Stars: but how does Jenifer remember the voice of all her former talents?

the essential Former talents are returning to try their luck in “The Voice All Stars” this season. Jenifer recognizes his former candidates almost every time. What amaze many Internet users.

The first notes, a voice, a few words and the click is immediate. Since the return of “The Voice” a week ago for the tenth anniversary of the show, viewers have been able to find their favorite show with a rather particular concept: the candidates are only former talents. They come back to try the luck to hope to seduce again Florent Pagny, Jenifer, Mika, Zazie or Patrick Fiori who joined the adult version for the first time.

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In ten years, many candidates marched in “The Voice”. The jurors had to coach many talents in the image of Jenifer present between seasons 1 and 4 and in the 8th season. Only Florent Pagny and Mika have participated in more seasons.

Yet, as viewers could hear during the first prime a week ago, and on the second show this Saturday night, Jenifer very quickly recognizes the voice of her former talents in the blind auditions. Better: she remembers the season in which they spent! Like Olympus, Anthony or Battista …

A talent noted by the other coaches, impressed, but also by Internet users.

Jenifer he blows things in the headset it’s not possible #TheVoice

– boa hancock ud 28 d udc 95 (@Mayeva _ 28) September 18, 2021

Many Internet users have pointed out that Jenifer was less easily turned over in her red chair if she did not recognize the singing talent.

So what’s Jenifer’s secret? Did she repeat all the old seasons of “The Voice” before participating in the tenth anniversary? Or does she just have a great memory to remember the voice and season of her former candidates? Only she has the answer …

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