The Voice all stars: 5 things to know about Anne Sila, the big winner of the final

the essential Six candidates were in the final of “The Voice all stars”. It was won by Anne Sila. The young woman was acclaimed by viewers.

The big winner of the final of “The Voice all stars” is Anne Sila! It was midnight when the result was announced by Nikos Aliagas. Anne Sila was chosen by viewers’ votes by phone and SMS.

Six candidates were in competition: Anne Sila, Amalya, Manon, Louis Delort, Terence James and MB 11. Florent Pagny had three candidates in this final (Anne Sila, Manon and MB 11), Amalya was part of the Jenifer’s team, Terence James from Mika’s team and Louis Delort from Patrick Fiori’s team. Only Zazie had no talent in the final.

Anne Sila won 29, 5% of the votes; Louis Delort 14, 8%; MB 14 14, 6%; Terence James 8.3%; Amalya 7.8% and Manon 5%. “I’ve come a long way, I’m happy to be there, I’m touched that we are allowed to sing, I’m moved, I’m happy,” responded Anne Sila on TF1 after her victory. She will release her next album on 22 October.

  • Finalist in 2015

It is in 2015 that viewers of “The Voice” discover Anne Sila. The candidate from Valence (Drôme) is a musician since she plays the cello. She achieved a faultless course, under the leadership of her coach Florent Pagny, and reached the final of season 4. Unfortunately for her, she was beaten by Lilian Renaud who won the final.

  • Attacked with a knife by her ex-companion

If Anne Sila had long hair in “The Voice all stars”, she sported a shaved head in 83. Shortly before her participation, she had been attacked with a knife by her companion in Lyon. She had received about twenty kitchen knife wounds but was able to escape. She then decided to shave her head, taking inspiration from an Indian legend according to which our hair keeps our memories, she had explained in Télé-Loisirs . In a portrait released this season before one of her performances, Anne Sila said: “The Voice saved my life”.

  • She starred in a musical

Two years after “The Voice”, Anne Sila was chosen by Pascal Obispo to join the troupe of his musical “Jesus, from Nazareth to Jerusalem”. She plays the role of Mary. Shortly before, in December 2015, she had sung for the first part of Pascal Obispo at the Accorh Hotels Arena in Paris. She has also carefully kept the SMS in which the singer made this proposal to her.

  • A Disney voice

Anne Sila has several strings to her bow. In 2019, the Disney studios offer him to be a character in the animated film “The Lion King”. Nala’s voice is her. She also performs the song “Love shines under the stars”.

  • She has makes Florent Pagny cry

For the first number of “The Voice all stars”, in September, Anne Sila delicately interprets “Je reviens te vous” by Gilbert Bécaud. His coach Florent Pagny, who nevertheless knew which song was going to interpret his talent, burst into tears under the shock of emotion and his bewitching voice.

A final between emotion and good humor

During the evening, recorded on Friday (with a live return for the announcement of the results), each of the candidates was able to defend their place by singing solo and in duet with a singer.

  • Terence James sang “Your song” by Elton John and “Bad habits” in duet with Ed Sheeran
  • Anne Sila sang Radiohead’s “Creep” and “When we only have love” in duet with Nolwenn Leroy
  • MB 14 sang “The show must go on” by Queen and “The Clown” in duet with Soprano
  • Manon sang “No time to die” by Billie Eilish and “Tu n’es more there “in duet with Amel Bent
  • Amalya sang” All by myself “by Céline Dion and” La grenade “in duet with Clara Luciani
  • Louis Delort sang “Fix you” by Coldplay and “Belle” in duet with Garou and Patrick Fiori

This final was marked by several funny or moving moments: Jenifer announced his departure from the jury; Patrick Fiori joined Garou and his candidate Louis Delort on stage to sing “Belle” or even the appearance of Nikos Aliagas in a traditional Greek skirt following a bet.

“The Voice all stars”, a concept born in France and broadcast over seven Saturdays since 11 September, ” will surely return in 2-3 years as we do with Koh-Lanta “, announced Rémi Faure, the head of TF1’s entertainment. The first six issues attracted 3, 83 million viewers on average, i.e. a market share of 22, 4%, according to Médiamétrie. The France 3 TV movie has beaten “The Voice all stars” four times in six Saturdays.

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