The tribute to Johnny Hallyday in Paris, his debts, David and Laura: the confidences of Laeticia Hallyday

the essential An esplanade and a statue in tribute to Johnny Hallyday will be inaugurated in Paris this Tuesday September, in front of the Accor Arena concert hall. Before this tribute, Laeticia Hallyday confided in our colleagues from the Parisian.

Three and a half years after the death of Johnny Hallyday, on December 5 2017, Paris will celebrate Johnny Hallyday. If the singer gave his name to an esplanade in Toulouse facing the Zénith, his name did not yet appear anywhere in the capital.

A Johnny Hallyday esplanade will be inaugurated in the middle of the morning in front of the Accor Arena in the presence of Laeticia Hallyday, the mayor of Paris and presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo and Johnny’s musicians. 150 bikers will join the event for the unveiling of a six-meter-high statue in tribute to the singer. A bar will also bear the name of the youth idol.

At 21 hours, this Tuesday evening, the concert “Que je t’aime” broadcast live on France 2 will bring together a multitude of singers and the musicians of Johnny Hallyday.

On the occasion of this Parisian tribute, and of her coming to France, Laeticia Hallyday answered questions from our colleagues from Parisien . Here’s what to remember.

  • tribute to Johnny Hallyday

“This is the first official tribute paid to Paris. It is overwhelming, the culmination of two years of work, of several postponements because of the coronavirus. I am proud, moved, I am nervous, like Johnny before his tours (…) It was Johnny’s choice to be buried in Saint-Barth. But his fans felt abandoned and I understood it. To mourn, it’s complicated not to have place to meditate “.

  • The 6-meter statue from above

“I wanted a piece dedicated to Johnny who hated the carvings of him. The guitar and the Harley are parts of Johnny’s life. It’s hard not to associate them. It’s his real motorcycle, but it’s been boned, without a motor, without the elements that could annoy the ecologists. This work unleashed passions but it’s good. Johnny loved to talk about him. When we didn’t talk about him, he was almost upset “.

  • Mourning

“Mourning is a very difficult path, even today. There is no cure. We learn resiliently to live with it. Time is our best ally. Organizing this event was like therapy.”

  • Johnny’s debts

“We are fighting with the French tax administration. We talk to them, we try to find an agreement not to repay the taxes that we have already paid in the United States for years. It is a disproportionate amount. , several tens of millions of euros. It’s unfair “.

  • His relationship with David and Laura

“I could not imagine this event without them. Things have calmed down a bit but our relationship remains complicated. is talking around a table when Johnny is gone (…) Unfortunately, we continue to talk to each other through lawyers, I invited David to come on stage, I would have loved him to sing “Blood for blood”. He kindly replied through his lawyer that he couldn’t be there because he is on tour. I emailed Laura. Unfortunately, she did not reply to me but gave a reply on Instagram. J ‘hope that one day we will manage not to speak to each other through a lawyer. We have a feeling of abandonment, my daughters Jade and Joy no longer exist for them, they no longer have any connection with David and Laura (.. .) Johnny certainly didn’t do it right before he left, but we’re not going to rewrite history. “

  • His life with Jalil Lespert

“It’s a period of reconstruction, it allows me to relearn how to love differently. I’m not remaking my life but continuing it. Jalil, it’s a really unexpected and wonderful meeting. It started in a way. a little letter-writing, old-fashioned, in the summer 2020, through correspondence on Instagram. family, about our values. It’s a bit like Gustave Flaubert. And we fell in love over time but without seeing each other. And we kissed for the first time in October last year. brought back a taste for life when I couldn’t be happy, without betraying Johnny. And meeting another man is like cheating on him. So I needed to introduce Jalil to Johnny at the cemetery. And meeting another man is like cheating on him. So I needed to introduce Jalil to Johnny at the cemetery. Jade and Joy get along very well with Jalil. He is infinitely kind and does not try to project himself too quickly, which calms me down. We are starting to live together in Los Angeles. Hearing about marriage with him, it is out of the question. In any case, not at the moment. I am not ready. I don’t think I’ll ever remarry. “

  • Jean-Baptiste Guégan

“I’m not sure Johnny would have liked it. I’m not going to lie to you, it makes me uncomfortable and I wouldn’t go see him in concert. But I respect him because he is talented and I’m happy he’s filling a gap for his fans “.

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