The resentment between Yann Moix and his brother unwrapped in court

the essential Yann Moix was to be tried this Friday after his brother’s complaint for violence and harassment. The writer chose not to come to court. The very difficult relations between the two brothers were exposed in court.

The resentment between the two Moix brothers, Yann and Alexandre, both writers, erupted this Friday in court where the eldest is being sued for defamation by his younger brother, who accuses him of violence and harassment. Alexandre Moix, 48 years, brought this lawsuit after a television show, Balance ton post on C8 in November 2019, where Yann Moix, four years his senior, accused him of a past of “close to neo-Nazi small groups” and victim of a “tragedy psychiatric “,” interned “.

In his indictment, the prosecutor considered, without recommending a sentence, that only one remark was possibly reprehensible: the one where Yann Moix affirmed that his brother had taken “heavy psychotropic drugs for many years”. Alexandre Moix denied having undergone such heavy treatment. He claims to have been hospitalized once, for three weeks, and then to have taken medication for about a year. He also assured, supporting witness, that he never had any political activity.

Yann Moix absent in court

Yann Moix did not show up. He sent the Paris Criminal Court a four-page letter explaining his reasons for not seeing his brother, “a dangerous man” in his words.

During his plea, his lawyer Jean-Marc Fedida specified that the author of “Podium” refused to “unpack” the public disagreement between brothers. “Yann Moix has chosen to deviate from legal paths (…) He did not want this trial,” said the lawyer. The defense demanded an acquittal. According to Me Fedida, accusing someone of being close to neo-Nazis, “for years, jurisprudence has said that it is not defamatory, for a simple reason: it is that the court of the Republic will never be a court of thought “.

A brother” Clockwork Orange “

Little surprised by the absence of the defendant, Alexandre Moix was the only one to charge. “My brother doesn’t like my presence on Earth,” he explained. The animosity between the two men had erupted publicly on the occasion of the publication in August 2019 of Yann Moix’s novel “Orléans”, where he recounted having been the victim of abuse by from his parents.

But to general amazement, Alexandre Moix, a character absent from this novel, replied a few days later, in an open letter, that in truth his elder had subjected him to physical and psychological abuse. “I lived with my brother a terrible childhood,” he repeated in court. He told how Yann Moix would have for example “pursued him with a butcher’s knife” or would have torn off a nail by stuck his fingers in a shutter.

As an adult, “my brother harassed me for years,” continued Alexandre Moix. For example, he would have called his wife, then pregnant, to tell her: “I’m going to have you abort!” “I would have loved that we were two brothers who love each other” but “I had a brother Clockwork Orange”, said Alexandre Moix, referring to the film by Stanley Kubrick. “Nothing stops him (…) I ask the justice today to ensure that he stops harming my career, my family,” he added.

Yann Moix assumed, in a later novel, “Reims”, published in May, the error of his youthful anti-Semitic and negationist writings, discussed at length in court on Friday. The civil party read passages from it in their pleadings.

The decision was reserved on 26 November.

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