The photo of the week: the spectacular awakening of Cumbre Vieja

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The lava could continue to flow until November… Last Sunday, the Cumbre Vieja volcano awoke in a majestic and spectacular way on the island of La Palma, in the Canaries, fifty years after its last eruption.

Although the inhabitants were able to be quickly evacuated, fire continues to erupt from the crater. On Friday, the Cumbre Vieja even entered an extreme explosive phase, threatening to destroy any glass surface within a radius of 3 km around.

In addition, for the past week, tons and tons of ash and toxic fumes are escaping from the volcano. Fortunately confined at very high altitude, these sulfur particles which flew over Occitania at the end of the week before covering a good part of western and central Europe in the coming days, do not represent a health hazard. human.

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