“The Origin of the World”: an Oedipal farce brought to the screen by Laurent Lafitte

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(AFP) – Transgressive farce created in 2013 at the theater, “L’Origine du monde”, in theaters Wednesday , is brought to the screen with the same madness by the actor Laurent Lafitte who signs his first production.

This comedy, both squeaky and absurd, tells the story of Jean-Louis (Laurent Lafitte), a prominent lawyer who realizes one day that his heart has stopped beating, while he continues to live.

Neither his dumbfounded wife ( Karine Viard), nor her veterinarian friend Michel (Vincent Macaigne), find no explanation.

In desperation, Jean-Louis agrees to consult a life coach (Nicole Garcia), also a marabout. For this specialist in occult sciences, the only solution is for Jean-Louis to take a picture of … the sex of his mother, the object, according to her, of her torments.

The couple and their friend will try everything for everything in order to achieve it, to the point of organizing a naturist aperitif to encourage Jean-Louis’ mother (Hélène Vincent) to let herself be photographed.

Resident at the Comédie-Française, actor and also a specialist in black humor in his one man shows, Laurent Lafitte signs the adaptation and the screenplay.

“J ‘ I wanted a drama that would make you laugh. Even though the comedy scenes were designed to make the laughter as effective as possible, they are always stronger with a dramatic starting point. It’s a bit of a rule of thumb: throat cancer causes more comic situations than angina “, explains the director in the production notes.

” The only limit to cinema, with such a subject, was vulgarity “, aj Oute Laurent Laffite who manages to avoid it.

Karine Viard did not hesitate for a second. “I love comedies but, alas, I often find them very suitable, with subjects a thousand times hackneyed. This film would have passed like a letter in the mail in the years 70. In our increasingly normative society, it will perhaps straighten some of them. And I am delighted! “, Adds the actress.

In 2012, Laurent Lafitte had distinguished himself with a squeaky successful series for France Inter, “At your service, at all costs”.

Zabou Breitman and he formed a couple of fictitious doctors, the de Beaulieu, defending the worst sexist or racist clichés. The actors had only revealed their names in the last episode.

In March, he participated in the writing of the sketches for the 46 The Caesar ceremony, whose quirky humor has been criticized.

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