The neo musicians in celebration

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Saturday, from 14 hours to 17 hours, the Estive resonated with a very special symphony. In view of the musical evening planned at the cultural center on Saturday evening, a music workshop was organized in the afternoon, allowing 25 amateur musicians to come (on registration) with their instruments and to benefit from the professionalism of Rémi Geffroy (musician, composer, host).

The accordionist allowed these amateur musicians to work on two pieces and ‘tune everything in order to make the evening visitors dance on a bourrée two times and a scottish.

The 25 musicians came to accompany their wind and / or stringed instruments, such as the diatonic and chromatic accordion, the flute, the oboe, the ukulele, the violin and other percussions. The musicians showed remarkable dexterity for a group which was composed for the very first time.

This rehearsal session allowed them to play in the first part of the concert which took place in the evening. The participants, of all levels, came from Ariège, Haute-Garonne but also Landes.

In the evening, always at the Estive, Mique Montanaro and Lore Puech came to play and animate the dance party. Trad’Estiu also offered a folk ball, always directed by Rémi Geffroy to allow people to continue dancing.

The association of Occitan culture Trad’Estiu is chaired by Danièle Piquemal, accompanied by Patrick Gauthier in the finance department and Sylvie Favre in the secretariat.

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