“The longest penis in the world”: in Denmark, an animated series for children arouses controversy

the essential Since January 2, the Danish channel DR Ramasjang broadcasts the adventures of John Dillermand, a character endowed with the “longest penis in the world”. The television show continues to spark debate in Denmark.

It’s been more than ten months that the Danes have seen his face on the small screen, and they can no longer: John Dillermand, the hero of an animated series broadcast since January 2, is far from being emulated. The footage highlights the adventures of a little guy, dressed in a striped suit, who boasts of having the “longest penis in the world”. The animated series, originally designed for children aged 4 to 8, airs on a public channel called DR Ramasjang. Among other things, she puts her hero in difficult and embarrassing situations to say the least.

The channel offers the first episode of the series on its website: it has been viewed more than 140 000 times. “With this series, we recognize the nascent curiosity for the body and the genitals, as well as the embarrassment and pleasure of the body”, explains the direction of DR Ramasjang.

“Is that the public service?”

The series does not end, however, having bad press. Many Danish personalities were outraged: “I don’t think looking at the genitals of adult men should be made into something common for children. Is that public service?” questions far-right MP Morten Messerchmidt on Facebook. On the internet, many Internet users have not hesitated to share their anger.

For its part, the channel persists and signs: “We consider that it is an important task to be able to tell stories about the body”, explains DR Ramasjang, who intends to leave his hero on the air.

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