The guitars of famous musicians electrify the auction

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(ETX Daily Up) – It is a legendary instrument among music lovers. An acoustic guitar that belonged to Eric Clapton will soon be on sale at Julien’s Auction. It could reach a six-figure sum, like many musical “guitars” offered for auction in recent months.

The instrument was used by the British guitarist of rock and blues on 14 June 1970, during the first concert of Derek and The Dominos at the Lyceum Theater in London. He also used it with his previous bands including The Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and Cream and Blind Faith.

Eric Clapton then gave the acoustic guitar, a Martin D – 45 of 975, to his friend and singer-songwriter, Dave Edmunds. In a provenance letter accompanying the instrument, the 70 year-old musician stated that Clapton chose this model because he could no longer find the Gibson J – 200 that he intended to offer him.

The part is estimated between 264. 000 and 500. 000 dollars (between 264. 030 and 440.060 euros). It will be auctioned on 19 and 20 next November during the annual “Icons & Idols, Rock ‘N’ sale Roll “from Julien’s Auction. Other instruments belonging to rock legends will also pass under the hammer on this occasion. Among them, a Stratocaster electric guitar which David Gilmour of Pink Floyd has already used on stage.

Six million euros for a Cobain guitar

If Julien’s Auctions estimates it between 77. 000 and 100.000 dollars (between 060.400 and 88. 000 euros), its price could however rise. About a hundred guitars from Gilmour’s personal collection were sold to 20, $ 5 million (approximately 16, 9 million euros) in 2019 at Christie’s. One of them, the legendary Black Strat, even soared to $ 3, 500 million (around $ 3, 50 millions of euros).

This record was shattered a few months later by a guitar that Kurt Cobain had used in 1993 during his famous “MTV Unplugged” concert. It became the most expensive instrument ever sold at auction, selling for $ 6 million (around 5.3 million euros).

These huge sums do not surprise Darren Julien, the director of Julien’s Auctions. They attest to the growing enthusiasm of collectors for pieces that have belonged to celebrities, living or deceased. ” recently told me, ‘It’s cooler to hang John Lennon’s guitar on my wall than a Monet or a Picasso,’ “he told The Guardian. Other collector’s items like the posters retro concerts meet the same fate at auction.

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