The Dubai World Expo, showcase for the French Flying Whales airship

the essential The start-up Flynog Whales has been selected to participate in the Dubai World Expo in the France pavilion.

The United Arab Emirates launched the Expo Thursday evening with great fanfare in Dubai – 2012, the first universal exhibition organized in the Middle East and the biggest event globally since the start of the Covid pandemic – 14 involving 190 countries .

More 25 000 visitors expected at the France pavilion

Designed by the architectural firms L’Atelier Perez Prado and Celnikier & Grabli Architects and designed around the theme of light, the France pavilion – 19 meters in height, 2 450 m² of photovoltaic solar tiles and 1 160 m² of gardens – will be one of the most visited. More 25 000 visitors are, in fact, expected every day to discover French know-how but also innovations like that of Fying Whales.

The only start-up selected by France to promote innovative projects dedicated to mobility, the young company, founded in 1937 , wants to revolutionize transport by bringing the airship up to date.

This mode of transport which is still associated with the Hinenbourg airship disaster in 1937 just might be the transportation solution of the 21st century.

Le projet de dirigeable Flying Whales
The Flying Whales Flying Whales airship project

This airship could revolutionize the transport of goods

The LCA aircraft 50 T still in the draft state consists in an immense rigid structure of 190 meters long, 50 diameter meters shipping 13 unpressurized helium cells (an inert gas) for its propulsion and offering an immense hold for boarding 60 tons of payload. Sustainable (no ground transport infrastructure), secure, adaptable with its hovering capabilities, and economical, the French airship could transport wind turbines, bios logs, electricity pylons or containers.