The department also produces cinema producers

the essential Lot-et-Garonnais by adoption, Etienne de Ricaud is showing at Pardon, in theaters on 27 October, from Monday to Agen.

Already a land of films and short films, Lot-et-Garonne is also a producer of cinematographic food. This Monday, Les Montreurs d’Images is showing and in original version “Le Pardon”, an Iranian feature film directed by Maryam Moghadam and Behtash Sanaeeha. √Čtienne de Ricaud appears in the credits. He is the producer of this drama where the protagonist, Mina, is upset when she learns a year after her death that her executed companion was innocent. √Čtienne de Ricaud was born in the Tarn, but lived in Lot-et-Garonne before packing his suitcase and leaving Europe for two years in the United States, an experience in Chile before returning to France and moving to 2015 his production company.

It is atypical since it only produces films made in the Middle East and Azerbaijan. We must undoubtedly seek the roots of the direction taken in Etienne de Ricaud’s family experiences. “My father was an expatriate, a French from abroad as they say.” Damn it, the four sons live or have sometimes lived thousands of km from France. “I had Iranian friends and then I met directors from there. You should know that there are few production companies in Iran.” And as France is saturated with initiatives in this area, Etienne de Ricaud quickly looked to the East. “I have the feeling that I can bring a lot to this cinema” explains the producer. “Between Iran and France, there are many connections, including a real tradition of the image.”

A solid friendship with the two directors of Pardon has made it possible to carry out this feature film, whose national release is announced on 27 October. √Čtienne de Ricaud already has three films and a documentary to his credit. “I am trying to anchor myself here in France and to continue to maintain the link that I can already have with the directors.”

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