The creator of the Maison Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, reveals to have been badly burned

the essential In a post published on Instagram this Saturday, October 9, Olivier Rousteing, creator of the Balmain house, revealed to have been seriously burned a year ago. Since then, he has remained silent, out of “shame”.

Olivier Rousteing great burnt. This Saturday, October 9, the creator of the Balmain house Olivier Rousteing came out of the silence. The stylist posted on his Instagram page a photo of him almost completely bandaged. In his legend, he explains that he was seriously burned in an explosion in his chimney a year ago.

“A year ago my fireplace exploded. I woke up the next morning at Saint-Louis hospital in Paris,” he recalls. A domestic accident which will disfigure him, which will have disfigured him. “I now feel ready to share this. I’ve been hiding it for too long,” he wrote. Indeed, the creator would have hidden this accident from his friends and collaborators for a year, out of “shame” in an environment characterized by “the obsession with perfection”.

Today, Olivier Rousteing intends to express his gratitude to the caregivers, “they took care of me magnificently. I cannot thank them enough”, he explains in an English message, disclosed to his seven million subscribers. In the photo accompanying the text, we see the creator bandaged at the level of the torso, the arms and the top of the face. Burn marks are visible on his face.

“This is our new world”

“I don’t really know why I was so ashamed, to be frank, maybe because of this obsession with perfection in the fashion world as well as my own complexes,” describes the designer, who has used his work as therapy. For a year, he told no one about his suffering, hiding his burns under turtlenecks, loose sleeves and other accessories.

“I really realize the power of social media, which only lets you reveal what you want to show. It allows us to create our own story and avoid what we don’t want to show. new world “he explains in detail. Kim Kardashian or Cindy Crawford have also given him their support, amidst the many comments and more from 500 likes.

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