The big comeback of Massilia Sound System

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“A dirty character is someone one who refuses to bow his head, who refuses to obey stupidly, who says no! ” So speaks Tatou, of the Massilia Sound System, which signs its return to business after seven long years. With this album, “Sale Caractère” (Manivette Records), our Marseille grandpas sound the hour of revolt in flip-flops: swaying rhythms and sun-kissed served on lucid and disenchanted observation of the world and its ills: the Mediterranean becomes a cemetery ( “Funny fish”), solidarities wither away… Poetic flashes (“Life is cruel / She surely has its reasons”), catchy rub-a-dub choruses and a devouring desire to party: Marseille comes back on board de Garonne, and it will do a lot of good.

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