The best cheese in the world is not French … but Spanish

the essential The World Cheese Awards, which rewards each year the best cheese in the world, has just distinguished for the edition 2021, a cheese … Spanish .

Five votes separate the gold medal from the silver medal … to the chagrin of the French. The World Cheese Awards have just distinguished Olavidia, a soft goat cheese. The French cheese dairy Berthaut, wins the money.

“Until the last cheese tasted, we thought we were going to be world champion”, reacts Christophe Prouvost in the columns of Figaro , general manager of the Berthaut cheese dairy. Not “disappointed”, he adds however that the distinction is undoubtedly a “nod” to the country which hosted the competition this year, Spain. The man is especially happy with this spotlight on the cheese factory. “We are very happy, this will boost the reputation of the cheese factory, which already exports 30% of production to the four corners of the globe”.

The competition which could not be held in 2020 due to the health crisis had awarded in 2019, an American cheese.

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