Texas: what we know about the discovery of three abandoned children with the corpse of their brother in their apartment

the essential Three children were discovered, abandoned for several months, in an apartment in Houston, Texas. In the accommodation, was also the corpse of their brother. The parents were both arrested and charged.

Sordid discovery Sunday 24 last October in an apartment in Houston (Texas). The police discovered three children literally abandoned in housing. The latter had been living alongside their brother’s corpse for months. La Dépêche du Midi takes stock of what happened.

What happened ?

They had been on their own for months. Texas Police have discovered three abandoned children in a Houston apartment with no electricity. According to the local sheriff, the skeleton of a fourth child, just 8 years old, was also in the dwelling. He is the oldest of the three children, a teenager of 15, who warned the police “that his 9-year-old brother had been dead a year ago and that his body was in the room next to his, “Sheriff Ed Gonzalez detailed.

The parents “have probably not lived in the apartment for several months,” for his part tweeted the Sheriff of Harris County, which includes Houston. In May 2020, the three children had stopped going to school. A procedure against the mother had been launched for repeated absences from school, in the midst of the Covid pandemic – 19.

How healthy are the children?

The eldest “did his best to take care of others”, his two little brothers aged 7 and , he added. . But the two youngest “appeared to be malnourished and showed signs of physical injury.” The three children were taken to hospital for examination and treatment. They are also taken care of by child protection services.

Where are the parents located?

Gloria Y. Williams, the mother of the children, aged 35 years, as well as her companion were arrested Sunday evening. They were first questioned and released, police said. The companion, Brian Coulter, 31, has been charged with the murder of the little boy found dead. The mother was charged with injury to a child by omission, lack of medical care and supervision.

The investigation, entrusted to the criminal police and the unit in charge of child abuse, is still ongoing, said Ed Gonzalez. Other charges will soon be brought against both parents.

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