Tarn: the active and creative Hyper Hervé on the stage of Bolegason de Castres

the essential Male revelation of the Victoires de la Musique in 2021, Hervé plays extra time with the release of a new edition of his first album “Hyper »And will be on stage at the Bolegason in Castres (Tarn) this Saturday, October 2nd.

For readers who don’t or very little know you, can you tell us about yourself?

I produced my first songs when I was 15 years old. I did keyboarding and music on my computer. And then I started to write. I started my career in 2015, with the Franco-British duo Postaal, and I did a lot of concerts in England. Which influenced my music quite a bit, and when I started singing, I came back to French songs, produced in a fairly electronic way.

Tell us about your first album “Hyper”, built and released in the midst of a pandemic.

I made all my record in my room, with my computers and synthesizers. I don’t know if I thought I was creative, but mostly I wanted to do stuff. And then during the lockdown, I defended my record before it actually came out. I made clips with my phone, tinkered with sleeves. But otherwise everything was ready, I even had to go on tour, do festivals and play my album thoroughly. But unfortunately I could not. I did not experience a classic record release, let’s say given the context. It was another mechanism, and that’s why I released a new edition of the album “Hyper – Prolongations”.

Your determination allowed you to win a Victoire de la musique for Male Revelation of the Year, last February. How did you experience it?

It was huge! It rewarded all the work that there was during this confinement, it was intense. Without an office, without tours, I saw no one. Physically, I did not meet my audience. So defending my album on the Victoires de la Musique stage, it was just huge.

What do you draw inspiration from to compose your songs?

It is mainly the story of what I live, my daily life, my moods. It’s quite introspective and I don’t really practice automatic writing. In fact, everything is quite related to the musicality of the compositions. I write a lot on my phone, I make notes and after a while, it makes songs. Often times, I don’t have the title until I finish writing the text.

You give pride of place to French song. Why this choice ?

I am attached to the text I think, that’s what interests me. It’s an exercise that I really enjoy doing. I have listened to a lot of French songs since I was little, Higelins, Bashungs. And it was from Stromae and Christine and the Queens, that I realized that there were people doing their production at home, on their computers. And it made me uninhibited about how I had learned music and how I wanted to defend it. DIY music, and that’s what I like.

On stage and in your videos, you deploy a crazy energy. How do you find all this overflowing dynamism?

I couldn’t really explain it, I don’t know why it makes electricity like that (laughs). I feel that an hour before, it goes up a bit and once on stage, I no longer calculate anything, I no longer think. I let go completely. And at the same time, I try to be as attentive as possible to the people who are there, that means a lot to me. All these people who come to see me, it touches me enormously. So, I never get off the stage before having given everything.

After your stint at Pause Guitare this summer, are you happy to come back to the Tarn and more particularly to Castres, to Bolegason this Saturday?

Yes it will be cool! I was supposed to come to Primeurs last year but with the Covid, it didn’t happen. But I know Castres well, especially when it comes to rugby. (laughs) By the way, I celebrated a title a few years ago with former players in Paris and I have very fond memories of it!

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