Tarn-et-Garonne. In La-Ville-Dieu-du-Temple, celebrities in the lens of Laetitia Klopocki

the essential The photographer based in La-Ville-Dieu-du-Temple specializes in stylized portraits of women. His work has particularly attracted stars of the small screen. Meet.

Route de Meauzac, in La-Ville-Dieu-du-Temple, Laetitia Klopocki’s little photo studio is discreet. Installed there since last September, the portrait painter of 42, from Montbeton, wanted the place to be simple and warm. Ideal for receiving models and putting them at ease before the shoot. His playground: the portrait. Essentially female. “I take photos of pregnant women in particular because I want to prove to them that they can be super feminine and beautiful during their pregnancy”, explains Laetitia Klopocki.

Future mothers, sometimes accompanied by their spouse, are thus enhanced by the photographer’s lens. The result: Vogue-style portraits that look straight out of a fashion magazine.

The Tarn-et-Garonnaise also produces other fine art types, with a rendering close to that of a painted picture. “It’s all a job of posing and lighting, but it also involves hairdressing and makeup”, she underlines.

Millions of ” likes “

Four hours of work are necessary for a shoot. Laetitia Klopocki works in close collaboration with Cécile Sanchez, who masters the art of artistic buns, or the Camélia Aesthetic beauty institute in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val.

The artist’s photos, shared on social networks, have not gone unnoticed. The photographer was contacted a few weeks ago by Cécilia Siharaj, participant of Koh Lanta in 2016 and today on the bill of the show Moms and famous on TFX. “She came for a ‘Mom and me’ session with her 2 year old daughter. It went really well,” she says. On Cécilia Siharaj’s Instagram account, the photos were “liked” more than 000 times. “She is a reality TV celebrity, very popular on the networks, with millions of subscribers. It’s a great advertisement”, recognizes the photographer, who should soon receive Joachim and Elodie, from the M6 ​​show Married at first sight . At the end of the month, Laetitia must also go to Tours for a mother-daughter shoot with Marie Catrix, actress of the successful series Tomorrow belongs to us , broadcast on TF1.

Enough to shine the spotlight on the work of Tarn-et-Garonnaise, whose appointment book is already full until May-June 2022.

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