Tarn-et-Garonne. Bruniquel's Neanderthal Krom has incredible talent on “M6”

the essential Bernard Bouffier, alias Krom the Neanderthal, will defend his incredible talent on Wednesday, on “M 6”.

When your name is Krom the Neanderthal (from Bruniquel) on your YouTube site and you run a prehistoric camp, you don’t expect to be contacted by television, especially on a variety show. This is however what happened to our fellow citizen Bernard Bouffier, requested by “M 6” for “France has an incredible talent”. The channel was able to convince Bernard, who was hesitant, to participate because it is looking for candidates with qualities other than those usual on the scene. Thus, he went to Paris for the recording, after having prepared a presentation cassette on his activities and his village.

Already a first appearance on TV on “France 5 “…

In front of a jury made up of entertainment professionals, Marion James, Hélène Ségara, Éric Antoine the conjurer and Sugar Sammy, Canadian humorist, he showed his skill at the lance; with the propellant, old jet weapon of 19 000 years before JC, ten times more powerful than the preceding weapon; finally, on the rhombus, a prehistoric wind instrument, a piece of perforated bone that is twisted at the end of a string. An intimidating situation in public and in front of such an audience of celebrities, especially since he only had a few minutes to persuade. Fortunately, Bernard had as his assistant the host of the show, Karine Lemarchand.

While waiting to know if he won, to return to the set a second time, he will keep fond memories of this casting, behind the scenes, tips of the shoot, as well as the welcome he received. He wants, like us, impatiently to see what the Parisian production has kept from his two and a half hours of filming.

We can recall that in the program “We are not only guinea pigs”, shot in 2015, at the prehistoric camp of Bruniquel, Bernard, European champion in thruster shooting, had successfully learned to hunt from Sébastien Laffont, journalist for “France 5”.

See you on Wednesday 17 November at 21 hours, on “M 6”.

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