Tarbes: Members of Boulevard des Airs launch Home, their label for in-house production

the essential To produce few artists, with strong links, in short circuit in short, that is the philosophy of this label carried by the brothers Florent and Jean-Noël Dasque, Jérémie Planté and JB Labé, members of BDA, who wish to share their experience.

Home, like home. As obvious. The label that four of the members of Boulevard des airs have just launched is no accident. It is enough to climb up to Souyeaux where the group has set up a studio, necessarily a country house, well rooted in any case in this territory that the group has resolutely never renounced, to be convinced of this.

At the end of a tour started eighteen months ago in Toulouse, in the world before, and concluded this Saturday in Bordeaux, with a fifth album too (Loin des eyes) whose titles are popular on the airwaves , the guys from BDA are taking a new turn. “It’s been an incredible chapter over the past three to four years, with the Victoires de la musique, the promos, the stages. It was a lot of energy. We needed to let Boulevard des airs stand still, also to make room for other projects, ”summarizes Florent Dasque. BDA will thus continue its composition and writing activities, which have already attracted Bruel, Noah and others.

“To dive back 10 – 15 years back and offer them what we missed… ”

But above all, by launching their Home label, which will be distributed by Universal music, four members of Boulevard des Airs (the Dasque Florent and Jean-Noël brothers, Jérémie Planté and JB Labé) want to bring out other favorite artists. “We have the will to stay in the music, to continue and also pass on this experience, both positive and negative. If we can make these artists take shortcuts with whom we have shared things, but also avoid certain pitfalls for them, ”illustrates Jérémie Planté. “We want to give them tools by plunging back 10 – 15 years back, to see what we missed us, supports Florent Dasque. We can produce titles, record in the studio, work with a press officer… It’s a bit à la carte. If artists want to compose everything from A to Z, we will put ourselves at their disposal. We also rely on Bertrand Louis, our manager since the beginning who has responsibilities in this label. He will defend artists in Paris. But will the latter be the guarantors of the Boulevard des airs identity? “We did not look for BDA bis. Quite the contrary. They are first of all meetings, people that we appreciated. There is a real affect side, which we try to couple with a potential ”summarizes Flo. “We are on the short circuit, abounds Jeremy. These are relationships that cannot be created in a major that employs 500 people. we also reproduce the diagram of BDA, the one we know best, with a lot of autonomy. This is what allowed us to master all facets. Even if this is a different job. »

Follow few artists but thoroughly!

Common point of the first three artists under the Home label. Lunis, the sisters Mélissa and Marina Doya, and O c’est nous all played in the opening act of BDA. The story of this last group of girls is symptomatic of the philosophy that guides the Home project. “They picked us up at the end of a concert at the Trianon, taking over Go rest. It was super well done. We invited them to a concert. Then they were the driving force in the emergence of this label, with this desire to lend a hand. We want to not follow a lot of artists, in order to be able to work with everyone, independently and thoroughly. »Lace, in fanfare mode!

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