Talk about it, not talk about it: the media trapped Eric Zemmour

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Are the media doing too much about Eric Zemmour? Many French people denounce it, and many players in the sector wonder about the media treatment to be reserved for a man who is not really a candidate, but anything but a character who no longer counts in the political landscape. On the contrary. “Such an outbreak has never been seen,” sums up the Jean-Jaurès Foundation when discussing the inescapable nature of the “shock” Zemmour, which today pushes its experts to “take it seriously” and to analyze its unprecedented breakthrough in public opinion.

But are the media responsible for its emergence? Do they maintain it? On 12 last October, the site “Freeze on images” reported in an article the uncomfortable positioning that is taking place within some major editorial staff on the case. Zemmour (RMC, BFMTV, RTL, Challenges …), between a hierarchy inclined to surf a subject “with a high audience” and journalists who “try to curb the appetite of their management”


Not to mention the Canal + group and the CNews channel on which the former columnist was able to express himself daily for months, while spreading remarks which have earned him several times to be warned by the CSA, or even to be condemned for inciting racial hatred when he described as “rapists”, d ‘”Assassins” and “thieves” unaccompanied minors from an immigrant background.

Talk about it? Don’t talk about it? Don’t overdo it? Some have chosen to oppose the radicalism advocated by Eric Zemmour with another form of radicalism: censorship. This is what emerges from a column published on 23 last October on the Mediapart site, by a collective called “Journalists not accomplices”. In barely a week, she has collected nearly 300 signatures of professionals in the sector who agree not to “be complicit” in “hatred” and “The worst of ideologies”, namely “fascism”, expressed by certain political figures, even if it means “invisibility”, even “fighting”, a character he never names: Eric Zemmour.

Omnipresent, but counted

However, when promoting his book “La France did not say its last word ”in September,“ everyone wanted ”the polemicist on his set or in his studio, testifies a journalist who interviewed him on this occasion to our colleagues from Le Monde. From France 2 in front of Léa Salamé and Laurent Ruquier, who revealed it to the general public in “On n’est pas couché”, to LCI, via RTL, BFMTV or CNews, Éric Zemmour, whose writings also punctuate the pages of Figaro since the end of the years 90, has spoken everywhere – or almost.

To the point that the CSA made an unprecedented decision for a “non-candidate” on September 9: to count the speaking time of the essayist when his interventions relate to “the national political debate”. Minutes and hours to be placed in the “Right miscellaneous” category…

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