Taika Waititi to adapt the legendary comic “L'Incal” to the cinema

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(AFP) – Actor and director Taika Waititi, Oscar for best screenplay for “Jojo Rabbit” in 2020, will adapt the mythical science-fiction comic “L’Incal” to the cinema, sold in millions of copies worldwide, the publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés announced on Thursday.

In addition to directing, the New Zealand artist will also participate in the scenario of this adaptation of “L’Incal”, a comic book imagined at the end of the years 1970 by the Franco-Chilean author Alejandro Jodorowsky and the cartoonist Moebius (Jean Giraud).

“The films and comics of Alejandro Jodorowsky influenced me, me and so many others, for a very long time. I was amazed to have the opportunity to bring these iconic characters to life, “said Taika Waititi in a statement.

If this is the first foray of the Humanoïdes Associés (established in Los Angeles since 1998) in the world of cinema, Taika Waititi has I have adapted the world of comics to the big screen. He directed for Marvel Studios the film “Thor: Ragnarok”, praised by fans and critics, and is also in command of the fourth installment of the adventures of the god of the Avengers, “Thor: Love and Thunder”, announced in 2022.

The Incal is a mystical space opera whose hero, a pathetic private detective named John Difool, accidentally discovers an esoteric artefact known as the Incal, coveted by many factions across the galaxy. Difool finds himself forced to save the universe and makes, reluctantly, a spiritual journey questioning his meaning of existence.

Fabrice Giger, boss of the Humanoids group (Les Humanoïdes Associés editions and La box à bubbles), thinks that “The Incal”, republished in multiple languages, has quite simply “transformed everything it has touched” since its creation and that the magic will operate once again with Taika Waititi.

“When Fabrice Giger presented Taika Waititi’s work to me, it seemed obvious to me that it was the right one. I have full confidence in the creativity of Taika to give the Incal an astonishing version, at the same time intimate and cosmic “, says Jodorowsky, 92 years, quoted in the press release .

Figure of the underground, Jodorowsky is himself familiar with the world of cinema with films with esoteric atmospheres. Before Denis Villeneuve and David Lynch, he had tried, in vain, to adapt Frank Herbert’s famous SF novel “Dune” on the big screen.

Les Humanoïdes Associés have was founded in Paris in 1974 by Jean Giraud (Moebius), Philippe Druillet and Jean-Pierre Dionnet and remains famous for the magazine “Métal Hurlant”. Disappeared fifteen years ago, the cult magazine made its big comeback last September in France, in the form of a quarterly of nearly 300 pages.

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